Levi Dylan is an actor/model, his girlfriend Alana O’herlithy is a photographer. They always collaborate for photoshoots. Ruby McCollister is an actress. She also works at Dover Street Market New York.

Written and directed by Performance arts practitioner/video producer Alice Longyu Gao, this performance arts piece is made possible by Danni Xie and Minjie Gong.

“November 9th 2K16 is a video series inspired by my Chinese friend’s comment on the first anti-trump ally in the evening of November 9th. She is a Trump supporter, also a typical bourgeois Chinese kid who soon to be an American citizen through her parent’s couple million dollars’ investment. She disdained her generation Z peers and said folks who spend time and energy in the protest got no regular obligation in the society, namely they are unemployed and uncivilized. She does have occupations that could keep her busy once she wakes up, she is still a student whilst she is going to get married soon.

The first half of the video is based on each personality’s working scene and the time set-up is the first morning after the election result came out in the mid-night of November 9th. It was a rainy and hard-to-digest day in New York. Featured generation Z personalities are confused, upset and angry about the election result, but they are still trying to do their jobs, control their moods and emotions in order to perform their social responsibilities. Before they are allowed to express their true thoughts bluntly in the video’s second half, they have to reproduce their casual working scenes under the influence of their mood swings.

As a foreigner who strivings for a career in fashion and performance arts, New York is the place to be and it is the only city that I will be able to make it. Surviving in this tough city and living in this country for over 4 years, what I have heard the most is: “you will figure out.” Americans tend to say this sentence even when they have no doable activation plan. This sentence feels like an overly optimistic and useless mantra. Featured generation Z Americans, influenced by this classic American optimism, have to perform functionally in the video sets whilst they are anxious and got no clue about what’s next.

I perform as a “Trump” who has a Chinese accent. Through mimicking his Stalinist body language and lines from his speeches, I want to lead my audience to abandon the limitation from their nationalities and re-practice their rationales upon a genuine concern for our humanity.”