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Swadika! Thailand Fashion Designer--Sretsis

So I keep tagging Sretsis on Instagram but they never feature me on their account. But whatever, I am still going to talk about this new Thailand fashion brand because I really like this Jacket that I bought from them. 

On the left is my friend Emma Zhu, She is also a fashion blogger and I love her style a lot.


This is a photo that I did for my friend's LGBTQ Photo assignment so she putted a rainbow flag on my dress.

Sretsis founded by three sisters. They were born in Thailand but educated in New York's fashion and design school. Their major market is in Japan now. The flag shop just opened in Tokyo and they presented several times in the Tokyo Fashion Week. Celebrities like Mizuhara Kiko , Angel Amo, and other fashion gurus  are obsessed with this brand a lot.

So why it is so popular? I think because current fashion industry needs more colors, patterns and creativities. This brand meets them well. I fed up with basics--red lips, bold eyebrows and all blacks. Not offend but every time I see girls tag their outfits with #AllBlackEverything, my eyes roll-up.

Don't ruin your creativity and fashion sense by wearing black. 

Take Chance, wear more colors.

I love their newest collection. We need flowers, pinks, and chiffons for the Autumn and the Winter. 


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