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How to Wear Kimono in 21th Century (+My Feature on Boston Globe!)

How can I not talk about my feature on the Boston Globe.

Such a high point of my life.

Unfortunately, my feature was up on the paper during the New York fashion week of 2015, so I got squeezed to the black and white part.

It is ok, you will pay me back one day, New York Fashion Week.

I was wearing a crazy barbie heels  and  a handmade customized dress. I did make-up by myself (always) and got my hair-set by Ms. Chika from Salon Defi.

I feel so thankful to Madam Jill Radsken, one of the most respected fashion writer in the industry. She gave me completely freedom to decide how I want to present myself. Part of my enormous  accessory collection, the monument of my 20s (aka my 1st CHANEL), and my mermaid heels were displayed as well.  

I had so much fun during the shot and I got a chance to explore the HQ of the Boston Globe,too. Hmm, believe me, it is not fancy at all, the office that I observed through the window feels like the basement of CIA or some forgotten archive place. 

I want to talk about this stunning dress that I wore specifically. My favorite artist/designer/muse Etsuna Osuka made this dress for me. She is absolutely amazing. Her major job is to take care of her family and her lovely son. At her spare time, she made dresses and accessorizes. Her daily outfits always inspire me due to her creativity. She studied in Tama Art University in Tokyo and developed her fashion sense there. No matter your current obligation, your age, and your physical look, Japan is such an amazing soil for creative people to find themselves.

That's why I got inspired by Japanese fashion and culture a lot. I used to live in Kyoto for a while and I followed Japanese trend no matter where I am. However, I do not limit myself within that realm. I wear kimono with Dr. Martens and Tutu dress because you do not always wear kimono like this:

Oh this is my coming-of-age photo that I took while I was in Japan by the way. A dresser used 3 hours to put the whole set on my body.

So I wear kimono like this:

Or like this: 

They are all vintages and I am so glad that they came alive on my body (nicely) again:)

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