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The Desire of Being Different

Too many fashion blogs are out there. 

Apparently, the profession of blogging does not need another sumggy self-claimed fashionista. However, I still have to do this, because I want to bring you something atypical, fashionable, different, things.

I dress up everyday. Fashion is a performance art, and I see myself as a performance artist. When I walk on the street with the outfit that I assembled based on the sense that I want to express, I hope I can influence people.

I want to tell them to take themselves seriously. You never know when you will die, what accidents will take away your life before you get out from your house. And to die in the sweatshirt is not a good idea.

Imaging your significant one is going to cry so hard for your death, but you are wearing something nasty and lying there scratchily.

So please dress up everyday. Give yourself some confidence by expressing yourself through your outfits. Don't be afraid of being different. Don't be afraid of people's eyes because your efforts are being pay back when they are staring on you. 

Instagram is a platform that shows how I am trying hard to be different. I am not radical fashion activist/commentator. I just genuinely hope that you can enjoy scrolling down all the photographs that have my passions. I hope eventually I could inspire you to chase an aesthetically pleasing life. So please connect with me: alicealice916, and let's communicate and share that joy.


That's all.  


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